Verigood Fitness

Christine F’s Fitness Journey


Things have been wonderful since I started working out with Gina. I can really notice a difference in my body and my clothes fit better too. The workouts are different each time, which is great for me and keeps me motivated.


I started working out with Gina prior to my wedding and she has helped me achieve my fitness goals and also helped me to look my best on my wedding day, which was very important to me. I have continued to train with Gina after the wedding and will continue to in the future. Not only is my body looking better, I am definitely feeling healthier on the inside as well and have more energy.


I highly recommend Gina as a personal trainer. She is a skilled trainer and is highly motivating, which is something that I personally need as sometimes everyday work and life can get very stressful. Thank you Gina for all your encouraging words and for all the little pushed you give to get me through those crazy squats you make me do.


Christine Ferguson, Newmarket Ontario